Who we are

This, is the REAL America. Not the stock market version. Not the first class, high maintenance, corporate version. This, is what happens outside those city limits.


Where the mom and pop shops open before the sun comes up. Where the farmers milk 400 head before breakfast, and turn 40 acres over before supper. This is where dreams are forged by hard work and hard work only. Where we don’t look for excuses…We find solutions.

This country wasn’t built in a business suit. It was built in tattered denim and hard hats. It was built by blood, sweat, and steel. It was GRIT that built this nation, brick by brick. Back when busted knuckles shook hands to seal a deal - and that was all we needed.

You might not see it on the news. You might not read it in the paper. But the blue collars of America still hold us up…And we’re STILL here…Farming…Building…Grinding…Praying. For the good of ALL.

You just won’t find us under the streetlights. We prefer to do our work….JUST NORTH OF TOWN.

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